Batik´s Room

Trailer 60″

Batik´s Room  /   КІМНАТА БАТІКА
Short Movie 25 Min


The Film tells a story of three teenagers living in grey zone of Donbas/Ukraine, surrounded by war and death.

Fedir is a 17 year old boy. His mother left his father and moved to Kyiv with her new lover. Kira and Dina are his friends. This night they come to visit Fedir. After a while kids find out that Fedir’s father disappeared and was recently found dead…
During one night we see what imprint the war leaves in kids hearts and how it influences the formation of their personalities.

Maria Khalpakhchi

Oksana Savchenko

Zakhar Shadrin
Anastasiya Nesterenko
Valeriia Ruban

Thomas Stokowski

Production Designer:
Sasha Drobot